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The Certificate Degree
A certificate is the lowest level of all degree types, and is most commonly achieved as a means of career preparation. Certificates are often granted for very concentrated areas of study. While most degrees include a broad expanse of academic substance, the certificate does not require the traditional educational requirements of the typical degree including math and science. Students are, in comparison to other degrees, quickly taught the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their chosen field.

A student is awarded a certificate after completing required course work – it essentially serves as a confirmation of knowledge in a specific area. This degree level is ideal for a person who wishes to further their career and get more out of life, but prefers not to spend 4 years obtaining a higher degree level. Individuals who earn this degree will have an edge over individuals who have simply had hands-on, on-the-job training and can expect to earn a higher pay than those who are not certified in their field.

Today, there are several schools that focus on and offer only certificates in order to prepare their students for success in the workplace. The types of certificates that are available vary from school to school; there are numerous fields that cover a broad array of careers. Some examples of certificate programs include administrative assistant, AutoCAD drafting, landscaper, small business owner, gunsmith, dental or medical assistant, and many more. So why wait any longer to succeed in a career you love? Follow the choices below and request information from one of our accredited schools today!

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