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Part of a successful education is becoming a well-rounded student. International schools offer academic standpoints and courses that cannot be found in the US, and studying abroad offers students a whole world of new experiences, people, and culture. Students looking to learn another language also benefit greatly from studying abroad, as the easiest way to learn a new language is to completely immerse oneself in it.

Not only is studying abroad an enriching personal and academic experience, having attending an international university also looks impressive on any resume. Through the experiences of studying abroad, students gain numerous qualities that employer’s value. This type of learning reflects a willingness and ability to adapt to new environments and challenges. Studying abroad also prepares students to adequately deal with global issues which affect the industry they choose to work in.

However, attending school outside of the US is not an option for many students. Finances and the need to maintain steady employment prevents many people from studying abroad. With the introduction of online courses, international learning has become a possibility for many people who otherwise would not have had the opportunity. Many schools based in Canada and other countries are now offering courses online, making it possible for students to study “abroad” from the comfort of their own homes.
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