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The Master Degree
This degree is awarded upon completion of two years of graduate study beyond a bachelor’s degree, and represents a mastery of a specific field of study. While the master’s degree was not commonly achieved in the past, it has become increasingly more common over the years, and accounts for one of every four university degrees obtained in the US. Like other degrees, the master’s degree can be earned via campus or online courses; however it is most frequently earned by attending traditional brick and mortar classes. This is not to say, however, that a master’s degree earned online is less “worthy” than one earned by attending a traditional college or university. There are numerous online schools that are fully accreted and which feature courses taught by professors of the same standing as those found at typical brick and mortar institutions.

The two most commonly earned types of masters degrees are the Masters of Arts and the Masters of Science. They may be course-based or research-based; however the typical master’s degree is a mixture of both. Students may be required to complete a dissertation; however this depends on the program. Admissions to a masters program usually requires having obtained a bachelors degree prior, however in some cases relevant work experience will do. Oftentimes the pursuit of a doctorate can begin directly after earning a bachelors degree, and the masters degree can be earned along the way. However, it is typically required that a masters degree be earned before one can even enroll in doctorate programs.

The master’s is a degree of distinction and can open the door to numerous opportunities; follow the choices below and request information from one of our accredited schools today.

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