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Welcome to College Educate
Welcome Searching for information to further your education and jump start your life? Look no further.
College Educate provides a bridge of information to connect the student with the school that fits their wants and needs. Here you can find information related to furthering your education from online or campus to local and international schools.

Many of the colleges and universities we represent are leaders in the education arena, providing quality programs along with top notch education and training.

There is no limit to what a good education can bring on both a personal and financial level. So what are you waiting for? Your future begins here!

Featured Schools
Purdue University Global
Building on Purdue's mission to provide greater access to affordable, world-class education, Purdue University Globaldelivers a highly personalized online experiencetailoredforworking adults. By opening the doors to adults who need flexibility to fit learning into their busy lives, we make it possible to achieve a high-quality education from the prestigious Purdue University system—from anywhere in the world.
Wichita Technical Institute
With five campuses throughout the Midwest, WTI has the facilities and the network to give you the convenience and the flexibility you need to make sure nothing stands in the way of the education you deserve.
Nursing@Georgetown is an academically rigorous, evidence-based program that culminates in a Master of Science degree, delivered online by Georgetown University's nationally ranked School of Nursing & Health Studies.
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Online Degree Benefits
Information Center Earning your degree is now right at your fingertips.
Online schools are more prevalent than ever, with over 75% of colleges and universities in the US offering online courses. Today’s online schools offer a wide variety of accredited degree programs that can be taken at one’s own pace and from the comfort of their own home.

The cost of online courses can also be far less than that of traditional campus courses so it is a viable option for many. Whether an individual is looking to increase their potential income, further prospective job status, or simply accomplish a personal goal, online education takes the hassle out of going back to school.

So is online learning for you? Request information today from one of our many accredited online schools and find out for yourself!
Technology Focused
Technology Focused In the fast-paced world of information technology, how do you keep up?
Information technology is a broad term that umbrellas several aspects of computing and technology. Over time, the demand for IT professionals has grown significantly. The typical IT department is responsible for storing, processing and protecting information, transmitting information as needed, and later retrieving information.

The career opportunities available to IT professionals who have earned their degree in this field are numerous and include computer programming, database analyst, statistician, and various types of engineers. It must also be said that individuals who obtain their degree in information technology can expect to earn a handsome salary; the median salary for the average IT professional is $70,000 per year and can increase significantly with higher positions and additional experience.
Education = Earning Power
Something Else Why should you spend the time and money earning your degree?
There is a direct correlation between higher levels of education and higher annual earnings. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the typical high school graduate earns $30,316 per year, while the average individual holding a Master’s degree earns roughly $58,708 per year. As the salary gap between high school graduates and college graduates continues to increase, the need for a degree becomes more and more important.

Not only is there a noticeable increase in the salaries of individuals who possess a degree, but the rate of unemployment and poverty is significantly lower among this group. In today’s competitive job market, many employers will not even hire a person who has not earned their college degree. So how do you give yourself the edge to make yourself stand out from the crowd? Browse our numerous schools and degree programs to find out which career is right for you!
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