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The Bachelor Degree
A bachelor’s degree is the traditional 4 year degree, and is the most commonly earned among students. In the past, this degree was typically earned by attending traditional college courses at “brick and mortar” institutions. However, with the advent of the internet, more and more people are choosing the freedom of studying online to earn their bachelors degree. While it was once not possible for many students to spare the time and money necessary to attend traditional campus classes, online courses have made it possible for just about anyone to complete a higher level of education and set themselves up for success.

The majors covering a bachelor’s degree are far more varied than those of the associates; these majors can include education, arts, pre-law, medicine, criminal justice, and many more. Programs vary by school, so it is important that students choose the school that best fits their needs.

Individuals who possess a bachelor’s degree generally earn significantly more than those who do not. On average, graduates earn over a million dollars more in their lifetime. Not only is the potential for higher earnings significant, but oftentimes employers will not even hire individuals who do not hold at least a bachelor’s degree. In today’s struggling economy, it is key to have an edge when applying for a job or promotion. While the time and money required to obtain a degree may be a hurdle that some people struggle with, earning your degree is an investment in your future. Open the door to success today; start by following the choices below to see our available bachelors programs and request information from one of our accredited schools.

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