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Programs > Game Art (Bachelor)
Bachelor in Game Art
A bachelor's in game art focuses on developing your artistic and technical abilities within the industry of electronic gaming.
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The most attention will be given to translating your creative artistic ideas into the digital world. Extensive training will be given in such areas as drawing/perspective, digital color theory, texture mapping, and 3D modeling and animation. Traditional 2D artistry will receive attention as well. You will also be grounded in such basic concepts as the game design process, character development, and world building. In your studies you will learn to work with a wide array of technical instruments involved in gaming creation and design. Your communications skills will be sharpened as you interact with others on projects that also allow you to put into practice what your have been studying. Marketing and graphic design will be touched on as well, preparing you to have a hand in understanding the latest trends in gaming and presenting your products to the public in an eye-catching and appealing manner.

By the completion of the coursework you will have acquired a solid foundation in the artistic processes involved in electronic game creation. Your critical thinking, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills will also have been markedly developed.

This major will prepare you for:

A bachelor's in game art makes you marketable for entry-level positions in the electronic gaming industry, especially those involving the artistic processes used in the field. Possible jobs/career paths include:

− 3D modeler
− Character development modeler
− Lead artist
− Game tester

Further educational opportunities are also available. You could pursue a master's in one of the specific areas in the gaming design field, or get a Ph.D. and teach at the collegiate level or conduct research.

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