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Programs > Web Design & Multimedia (Bachelor)
Bachelor in Web Design & Multimedia
A bachelor's in information technology/web design and multimedia will teach you how to set up and develop websites on the highest and most complex levels.
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You will learn the details of computer programming and some programming languages, and your skills using web development software will receive attention. An understanding of operating systems and various types and methods of coding will also be studied. Significant attention will be given to the multimedia elements of website design, especially to audio/video technologies, image editing, and digital illustration. You will also practice critical thinking and problem-solving in website development along with analysis of human behavior to produce the most intuitive websites that users can navigate quickly and easily. The growing issue of internet security and how to effectively secure information/data online will also be addressed. Projects and case studies will help you to hone your technical and communications skills.

With this major you will build a strong foundation of knowledge regarding the ins and outs of developing the most efficient, effective, and user-friendly websites from the simple websites to the very complex websites of online businesses. You will also have developed the knowledge and skills to implement advanced multimedia elements in web development.

This major will prepare you for:

This major opens up opportunities in the information technology industry, specifically in relation to the internet. Job/career possibilities include:

− Web design/development/a nalysis
− Graphic design
− Artist/animator
− Producer/publisher
− Project manager

Further education at the master's or Ph.D. level in any of these areas or other business disciplines such as marketing or administration allow for upper management position jobs in the business world.

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