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Bachelor in Communication
A Bachelor's in Business/Communications prepares you to interact within the business realm in a dynamic and effective manner.
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This will involve learning to deal with consumers and with others in the business world in both oral and written forms of communication. Your coursework will focus on what influences people on a variety of levels, and will examine how this translates into fields such as marketing, public relations, and print media. You will analyze what motivates consumers to become interested and buy, and will also study how to convey information in an organized and readable format to other business peers. You will learn to communicate succinctly, convincingly, and in an attention-getting fashion. Other topics covered will include how different forms of media and technology exert various influences on different groups of people. This major will train you to become the mediator of a business between it's own members, the members of other businesses, and the consumers that the business wishes to target.

By completion of the coursework you will be proficient at analyzing groups and types of people and learning what it is to which they respond best. You will be able to examine large quantities of information and tailor it to your target market in an efficient and memorable way so that they receive the intended message.

This major will prepare you for:

With a business/communications major, you will able to influence and direct the opinions of many through the following fields: Advertising/Marketing, Public Relations, Communications specialists, Lower-level Management, Human resources, and Sales.

A number of opportunities to further your education are also available. You could get a master's in a number of business disciplines, go to law school, or get a Ph.D. and teach at the collegiate level or conduct research.

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