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Bachelor in Administration
A Bachelor's in Criminal Justice Administration will greatly increase your potential in a number of areas involving law and criminal justice.
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You will study the history of crime and justice at the national and international levels, and you will obtain knowledge of precedents within the justice system by conducting large amounts of research on laws, rulings, and pertinent current events. The basics of the legal system and its accompanying laws will also be addressed. Further attention will be given to developing an understanding of sociology and the psychology behind criminal behavior and the process of correction and restoration into society. Interpersonal and communication skills will be developed, as will managerial and leadership abilities. Case studies and opportunities to work alongside professionals may also be provided to allow you to garner experience in the real world setting.

Upon completion of the coursework you have a basic understanding of the history, regulations, and interworking of the legal and justice setting. You will possess leadership and communication skills that will allow you to work with others in the justice system, with criminals, and within society in general to provide protection, justice, and correction for the betterment of society.

This major will prepare you for:

This major opens the door to a number of opportunities within the justice system, including: criminology, police/security, crime scene investigation, customs, criminal correction, social worker, and government agent work.

Further education at the master's and Ph.D. levels allows you opportunities in upper division management or research. Law school is also an option with this degree.

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