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Programs > Interior Design (Bachelor)
Bachelor in Interior Design
A bachelor's in interior design will provide you extensive training in the disciplines involved in creating functional and appealing layouts for rooms and buildings.
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Emphasis on the broader scopes of this field will be addressed, including the role of interior design in improving the presentation and interworking of businesses. You will also study the psychology related to interior design – how certain arrangements, colors, and styles impact the thought processes and comfort levels of users. More general issues such as space planning and lighting, as well as safety and regulations will receive attention. A significant amount of the coursework will focus on the technical side of interior design, centering on computer-aided design (CAD) and the digital elements involved in planning, visualization, and walkthrough. Marketing and communication skills will also be honed, preparing you to interact with clients and with peers in your field. You will conduct projects that will help you to practice utilizing these various skills together.

By the completion of the coursework you will have compiled a considerable knowledge and experience base in the field of interior design. Your abilities in overall planning, technical expertise, and personal interaction will have seen significant development.

This major will prepare you for:

A bachelor's in interior design will open the door to a number of creative development opportunities. Jobs/careers that become available to you, starting at entry-level positions, include:

- Interior design and consultation
- Drafting
- Showroom management

A number of opportunities to further your education are also available. You could pursue a master's in one of the specific areas in the interior design field, or get a Ph.D. and teach at the collegiate level or conduct research.

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