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Programs > IT Support (Bachelor)
Bachelor in IT Support
A Bachelor's in Information Technology/Information Technology Support will offer you strong and in depth training in problem-solving related to personal and business computing products.
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You will learn how this technology functions at both a practical and detailed level to give you working knowledge that you can relay to others in need. In light of this, strong customer service and communication skills are also developed and practiced. The goal is to make you an effective and efficient problem-solver who is able to identify problems and propose and implement solutions in a clear, concise, and sensitive manner tailored to the intelligence/experience level with which you are interacting.

By completion of the coursework you will have a strong foundation in the major computer products of today, problems typically encountered with them, and how to remedy such problems. You will also be able to solve these problems for people in a variety of different backgrounds and do so in a friendly and courteous manner.

This major will prepare you for:

This major allows for solid opportunities in information technology management and customer service. Job/career opportunities in this area include: customer service management, training coordinator, computer support specialist, project manager, and database administration.

Further education at the master's or Ph.D. level in any of these or other information technology areas or other business disciplines such as marketing or administration allow for upper management position jobs in the business world.

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