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Programs > Communications (Bachelor)
Bachelor in Communications
A Bachelor's in Communications will develop your communications skills both in public speaking and in a variety of forms of writing.
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Your coursework will include classes that focus on the practices of writing for various media outlets (print media, radio, TV, etc.), the basics of writing/speaking in the business world, and how to better synthesize your thoughts and present them to others overall. You will go from critiquing the thought processes in books and articles to learning to write a respectful business letter. Papers, speeches, and presentations will occupy a large portion of your time. The remaining time will be spent reading books that analyze the psychology and technicalities of communicating from a variety of perspectives, be it from the author, speaker, audience, etc. Interactive class discussion is also a common characteristic of the communications setting.

By the completion of the coursework you will have a more solid understanding of how to compose and edit numerous forms of writing in many areas, including advertising, broadcast writing, scriptwriting, and more. You will also have a better grasp on the language of communication in the business world. Your ability to be more effective and dynamic in public relations and your public speaking ability will also be developed and polished.

This major will prepare you for:

A communications degree is a wide open door, and offers you as many options as any major available. Some of the jobs/careers for which you will be qualified for include: broadcasting (radio, TV, webcast, etc.), journalism (all types of print media), advertising/marketing, public relations, politics, and teaching.

Further education and specialization at the master's or Ph.D. level in any of these areas will enable you to pursue jobs in higher levels of management. Law school is also a possibility.

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